Market Scan

At the close on Wednesday 2 February 2011

The various tables below identify the stocks returned on a scan of the Canadian and US markets using a "Stockcharts" search syntax I personally developed, in order to identify those who could potentially display the characteristics of stocks entering Stage II, as described by Stan Weinstein.

Scan criteria

The principal scan criteria are basically set to identify stocks whose price is above their 150-day Moving Average and whose usual daily volume is at least 50,000 and exceed by a margin of 3:1 the usual volume levels displayed in the last 2 months.


Canadian Stocks - Under $5.00

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Canadian Stocks - Over $5.00

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U.S. Stocks - Under $5.00

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U.S. Stocks - Over $5.00

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Processing of results

The scan returns above only identify potential candidates; it contain stocks about to enter Stage II, some are already well into Stage II, some are not at all. Since I am only looking for stocks entering (or about to enter) Stage II, I must then examine each chart individually to determine whether the stock actually shows potential to cross above the Stage II Neckline and enter stage II; as described by Stan Weinstein.



Having examined the chart of each of the stocks listed above, the following attracts my attention by displaying characteristics signalling a potential entry into Stage II.

  • CKK.V (Cordy Oilfield Services Inc.)

I therefore added it to my watchlist.


I also have an interest in the following stocks, which show up in today's scan results.

Symbol Name Status
Adex Mining Inc.
On my watchlist
Marifil Mines Ltd.          
On my watchlist