Stocks from the mortgage investment industry with highest dividend yields originally published at "". The mortgage investment industry is a very complex investment field. Many people lost money during the financial crises if they were invested in this area. But the industry is also very liquid for traders and one of the highest dividend paying industries within the financial sector.

The average industry yield amounts to 4.66 percent and the P/E ratio is at 15.10. With a recovering house market, mortgage firms see improvements of their accounted assets. Everything goes slowly but I believe that the turnaround is definitely done.

12 listed mortgage firms pay dividends to investors. Five of them have an actual dividend yield of more than 10 percent and 10 are currently recommended to buy. Most stocks from the results are lower capitalized. Its very risky to put money into those stocks. Linked is a list of the 12 highest dividend paying stocks from the mortgage industry.

Here is the full table with some fundamentals:

12 Highest Dividend Paying Mortgage Stocks....

Take a closer look at the full list. The average P/E ratio amounts to 16.58 and forward P/E ratio is 10.0. The dividend yield has a value of 8.45 percent. Price to book ratio is 1.45 and price to sales ratio 7.06. The operating margin amounts to 45.68 percent and the beta ratio is 1.14. Stocks from the list have an average debt to equity ratio of 2.83.

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