are great assays from juniors being rewarded by an increase in shareholder value? Hot areas are the Yukon, Quebec, BC, Red Lake and few other nice discovery areas. Money is being spend on drilling by hundreds of Juniors with gold at all time highs, I think its just a matter of time before JR's  looking for gold, or have a resource they are building on start to move,  Great assays will start to have meaning once again.  The yukon plays will be interesting when assays come out in the coming months.   My Fav for next week or two is DEC  Decade closed at .195  Chart says a breakout is coming, last news suggest assays would be this coming week, and they have an understanding of the model,  This play went from .10-1.60  when they first started drilling Red Cliff and then the started missing.  after re-modeling the project the think they know where the gold is, and they are seeing it in the drill cores not one but two sections of gold.  could see a double if the assays are as good as the talk.  should now in a few days  Put DEC  on the radar