BXR ....What the market doesn’t understand but soon will..... They didn’t move the Drill rig to the Highland Valley North project near Teck’s Highland Valley copper mine because they weren’t hitting. They moved because it took all summer to get the drill permit and they just got it now. They Started there Castle drilling late because off the ministry of mines department. But they got both drill permits and both properties are being drilled.


Blue River’s exploration programs are going allot better than people realize but I don’t think it will be a secret for long Drilling at the Castle Copper Property actually went well. They drilled one hole and the indications are that this should run copper grades.


- What is being encountered there is exactly what they hoped to find. It fits the experience that other companies in the area have had - and therefore it has led to plenty of optimism.

- One hole was driled, They pulled the rig and went to the Highland Copper North, as weather conditions meant they had to get the drilling done their before freeze up

- The drillers/geos are very anxious to get back on the property.

- The first hole was approximately 700ft. The drillers and geologists are very happy.


- They should be going back to the castle property with a lot of "joy in the market."

- Sego ( SGZ )  is drilling in Nov. and I think ...still trying to confirm this.... Xstrata should be drilling the Axe property. I see a future area play?



Highland Valley North ... The market doesn’t understand that they have tons of Geophysical & Geochemical information from HPY.V ( Happy Creek Minerals )  that have led them to Coincident Anomalies and targets.


The Drilling at Highland Valley North

- A different type of rock than the Castle . It is full of azuite (which is blue and a host rock for copper) and native copper . All the right indicators.

- They are hitting bedrock all the way through . They are on hole # 3

- They are on the third hole. The market doesn’t understand something they have  THE HAPPY CREEK Geophysical and Geochemical information.

- The  Happy Creek the geophysical  information is a threefold COINCIDENT ANOMOLY 1. Magnetic Anomaly 2. Resistivity Anomaly 3. Chargeability anomaly.

- BXR is drilling ABSOLUTE targets you can’t do anymore you just drill these targets now and it’s going great.

 - HPY spent all kinds of money getting these targets. They are BXR’S now!

- Happy Creek wants them to do well, as they are drilling around BXR

- Teck is drilling very close as well at the Bethlehem Pit - ie. this is becoming an area play Also.

- Both these stories will keep developing.



In Conclusion This is why I have been buying BXR