China bumps rates up a quarter point, which could cause the europian countries to follow,   Inflation the expert think, ( if they went Grocery  shopping) they would know this inflation has kicked in (use Kraft dinner as your leading indicator)    Not many headlines, like their should be about the US is 4 weeks away of not having money to pay all its bills.  Obama should order an emergency meeting with all involved and nobody goes home until we fix the problem. He was golfing with members 2 days ago , talking about what tp do.   Is this not the same thing as Enron, Worldcom,  Who paid for the golfing, and Security (china I guess)   Job numbers friday( and proballly a revised version of the last numbers reported)   Walmart has a formula for calculating how much less consumers spend at Walmart  based on gasoline prices  I think its like .10 a gallon is like 17.00 a week less or more depending on which way ot goes.  So what if The US  made a deal with Opec for 2 years  bring oil down to 60.00   gas to 1.50 a gallon for 2 years FIXED   Billions  would flow and jobs would be created, Easier said then done I guess, or is it.   Anyway  Back to gold Kitco has great info  here is the link to why gold seems to be moving

Gold Jr's under value I have noticed
PTX  under a dime
GNH under .20
CUI Under .20
GBB  under .50
SFF  under .40
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