With the Graphite sector GPH did very well considering the turmoil in the mkts last week. LMR the last hour start to see new highs, in fact closed at a level not seen for months 9 cents. NGC may have kicked off the graphite bulls again, although its too early to tell people are taking a position. SRK had the vol but stalled. FDR attemtped to go but was held back at 1.20 Folks where waiting on FMS and  ZEN to make a move but it didnt react.  Plays I like for monday in this sector so far are LMR has it was held down for many months and It may break .10 next week buyers werre not selling that play, NGC and FDR may do well if you like plays over 1.00. It may be a great month in January no matter what you own. A lot of cash waiting to jump in. 

Assuming the US makes a deal on who gets what next week things should do ok. Maybe the US should let China make their decisions since an important world even like the cliff was put off to the last minute shows that those in power enjoy toying with peoples lives.  Here is hoping for a good 2013 but what happens to gold bugs