We are part of the 8 mines (and most advanced) in the new Invest in northwest bc site:

Copper Fox has Secured Shipping Facility in Stewart

We get our prospectus in 8 days...

Tetra Tech has the Internal feasibility report complete for Nov 15th...we are oct 20th.

Next Wed-Frid  CUU going to the US in New Orleans....apparently we are Brien lundin's Top pick and he's the CEO of thos show...

We are waiting for some very overdue assays on at least 6 holes

CUU still has 4 drills turning as we speak in the sweet spots.
1 in the SOuth
1 in the Paramount
1 in teh 1.03% copper chargeability
1 in the new North anomaly

Between today and Nov 156th we should get something regarding the Feasibility:
* CAPEX info
* Mine plan
* Pit optimization plan

Then we have the environmemntal assessment

And then Full Feasibility