I like to look back and the tech high followed by big crash, the resource sector on fire, oh oh look out its crashing.

We have not yet identified a hot or on fire market with respect to gold yet. There have been predictions that later this year or next year it will be the big start we all want it to be. But the beginning is the start of the end. Once you are the hot thing in the markets the clock start to tick down to a crash if history has anything to say about it.

This is the same theory of selling on news or strength, some big players keep buying up gold juniors until the market identifies this is the hot sector to be in. Then the smaller retails flock in and buy up the old guard as they start to look at an exit plan.

I like gold, its probably on the way past $1300, but when the investment community shouts out buy gold you should already be there and thinking about profit taking. Don't wait until some analyst says gold is god. Your smart you know its good now.