Last Price:  0.030  Change: 0.005  Percent:  21%  Target: 0.18

Shares Outstanding:  57,725,833

Market Cap:  $1,674,049

Why we are picking XPNG as our next big stock:

Xpention Genetics, Inc. is a biotechnology company that was formed to develop both immunological and molecular tests for cancer detection in humans and animals as well as therapeutic vaccines and other treatment methods. Xpention, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Xpention Genetics, Inc., and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center signed a Patent and Technology License Agreement granting Xpention the exclusive rights to patented technology for the detection of cancer based on a tumor marker known as p65, which has been demonstrated to have elevated levels in the blood of human cancer conditions.

The Company has recently received promising Phase I preliminary results from the research agreement. This data will be submitted to a panel of scientists for further evaluation. Upon receipt of the final report from UTHSCSA as well as the findings from Phase I review, the Company will announce the results.

Technical Analysis:


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