Greetings Stockhouse community,

This will be my last blog entry as the Stockhouse Community News Editor, and it is my last day at Stockhouse. I have taken a position at Business News Network as a writer/editor, and I begin work there on November 17.

First off, I want to thank all Stockhouse members who have continued to write and contribute to this site in a meaningful way, despite all the ups and downs (mostly downs) in the stock market and despite all the trials and tribulations with the website. It is a constant source of pleasure for me to go in every day and read what's being said on the Bullboards, the blogs and the home page submissions. I have learned more about the economy and about the resource sector in the last sixteen months from this site and a handful of others than - well - I never knew that much about them to begin with, so let's just say I leared a heck of a lot! So thanks to all the writers out there.

If you are a regular contributor to the home page, or if you're thinking about starting some contributions, please contact Helen, the new Community News Editor, at helenb. You can find her on the blog Market Reporter's Notebook too.

I will maintain my Stockhouse member identity SH_Arber, so if you want to speak with me privately, please contact me there.

I look forward to reading and learning more from Stockhouse members - and to contributing more myself as time goes on.

Good luck out there,