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Community News

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3555 Reads | 82 Comments | 9 People call this a favourite

This blog is a place for Stockhouse community members to meet up and talk about writing and contributing to the site. It is also a place for me (and other Stockhouse ed. staff) to propose article ideas, put out "calls for submissions," answer questions (writing-related or otherwise), provide feedback, and to generally facilitate interaction between SH members outside of the Bullboards. Check back often, and spread the word. Thanks for reading.

  • So long Stockhouse

    200 Reads | 13 Comments | November 10, 2008

    Greetings Stockhouse community,This will be my last blog entry as the Stockhouse Community News Editor, and it is my last day at Stockhouse. I have taken a position at Business News Network as a writer/editor, and I begin work there on November 17.First off, I want to thank all Stockhouse members who have continued to write and contribute to this site in a meaningful way, despite all the ups...

  • Stockhouse horror stories

    126 Reads | 0 Comments | October 27, 2008

    No, I'm not talking about website horror stories - I'm talking about investment horror stories. I know a lot of SH members are down in their portfolios - some WAY down. In fact, I believe that there are probably a number of members who have been completely wiped out, particularly if they were long commodities stocks using margin accounts. When I say wiped out, I'm not talking about accounts...

  • Stockhouse fair use

    79 Reads | 4 Comments | September 2, 2008

    Once spam and advertising blogs have been removed from our site (it's happening as I write), the next step is to figure out what a blog really is - or what it should be.For now, let's continue on with a discussion of some of the practices that go on (intentionally or unintentionally) on Stockhouse that violate our Terms of Use.Fair Use. What does it mean? Well, the definition is long and there...

  • Stockhouse blogs: community rules

    93 Reads | 2 Comments | August 29, 2008

    I went and looked at a document on Stockhouse that I would wager good money (more than I'd wager in the junior mining sector these days) not a single person reading this blog has read from beginning to end: the Stockhouse Terms of Use. Now I could be wrong - if you can honestly say that you've read that document, then you know, for instance, that technically, SH has no obligation to police this...

  • Stockhouse spammers, multi-aliases and more

    112 Reads | 8 Comments | August 27, 2008

    Stockhouse will, little by little, become a more spammer-free website when it comes to blogs and Bullboards. Many readers are familiar, I'm sure, with names like TSXCasino, MaryLauraLisa and JREWING. They are also familiar with copycat names like thedave2oo6, GreatSwami___, and the umpteen variants of maysteeler23. I know that littleguy123 and ghost11 have been targets of copycat spammers.I...

  • Stockhouse public portfolio

    62 Reads | 0 Comments | July 30, 2008

    I wrote this up as a front page article today under the title "Stockhouse public portfolio: How it works."I thought I'd include the text here as well, for those that prefer to comment on blog entries rather than on articles... There are a lot of Stockhouse members who are confused about how thepublic portfolio function works on the My Profile page. I have hadconversations with littleguy123...

  • Out of office

    65 Reads | 0 Comments | July 18, 2008

    Hi all,I'm away from Stockhouse for the next week on vacation. I'll be back on July 28. If you have any community news related comments / questions, please direct them to our new community news writer / editor, Helen. She can be found under the SH member name helenb.Good luck with your investments,Rob

  • Goldman Sachs and solar power

    73 Reads | 0 Comments | July 17, 2008

    I have been researching activity in the oil markets for the past weeks, and I came across a comment from a community member on a MarketWatch article. I brought it up once to littleguy123 in a discussion on one of my previous blog entries, but a recent discovery prompts me to bring it up again.The MarketWatch commenter made the point that it's silly to bring forward future supply/demand...