It's been a month since I last blogged about EAS. News is around the corner and now would be a good time to post.

As of last blog entry EAS has been busy doing a PP to 2 holders (Sprott and a private investor) at 7.54 for +18mil. What a vote of confidence by the takers, what a slap in the face to the investment houses that probably wanted in on this pp. No warrants attached, no commissions or fee's. The management of EAS are really looking out for the shareholders. I would think the houses that would normally do a financing are pretty pissed, but I bet they are accumulating at the same time.

So we are waiting on news of holes 25,26 and 27, more holes are being drilled, 3rd drill on its way. The next few holes, particularly 26 should allow us to realize more gold, currently we're calculating about 9mil oz based on current drill results. There are some out there saying it could be much larger if everything connects. But based on 9mil oz with a $125 takeover price with 77.5mil shares out we get a value of around $14. Lots of room for EAS to move up given only the current results.

I've been buying as much as I can and currently have about 75% of all my investments into EAS, about as sure a thing as I can find. You can never know for sure, but this one feels so good.

As always, DYODD, and good luck to everyone out there on all your plays.

Another one that I hope can do well is AUU, drilling should start any time up in aura lake and Tavichi results should be any time.