On the EAS board, someone started a top picks for 2010 and I thought it best to log it.

EAS - for sure this will go higher. I am so tempted to sell because of the gains already realized, but I'm staying the course this time (not like VEN when I sold at 3.99). As per the website market cap is 113mil(not sure how accurate that is at the moment) I can see this going north of 500mil market cap so that's more than 4x from where we are now.So wouldn't it be nice to see $17-$18 this year? Pipe dream maybe, but a double IMO is going to happen.

BVG - I think will be a good play for a double in 2010 and maybe more.If you held shares on Dec 31 then you got 1 share of a spinout Bravada for each 10 shares you held in BVG. BVG has accumulated land around their discovery.

WZR - mid Sept 2009 2.97 down to lows of .54 in Dec. I've traded this stock for some nice gains but has since lost all profits and an in the red, but I've been buying. This stock will move up from the current levels, If they hit oil on this well this stock goes to $10. If not,the market makers will take this up to a double from here and then let it die with the news. Remember to sell 1/2 to cover costs when this hits $1.50. There's lots of risk here, but if you can hold free shares at any point, then this could make you win big.

AUU - tight float on this, hard to pick up shares. Stay on the bid andhit the asks if they get down to the .205 to .215 range. News can make this one pop, not much in the way of promotion, so when it pops it will pop big time. This is my second biggest holding next to EAS. This is a stock that I think will make my biggest gains in 2010 and put me well on the way to making >100% profits again in 2010.

Remember to always do your own DD and be confident in your choices, do not just take the word of others. You will lose some and it is best toonly be able to blame yourself so you can learn to minimize risk.