EAS is over $6 and many think it is worth more. I do.

Back on 2010/03/10 between news I mentioned eas went over the 4.70 resistance and closed at 4.54. On Friday March 12th the stock closed at 4.79, well above the 4.70 resistance. On Monday march 15 the stock closed at 5.17 on news and by the end of the week we were on the 5.30's.

We are now over $6 on no news. But it sure smells like news is coming, volume increased today after a few lack luster days. Volume increased on march 12th before news on the 15th. Eas likes news on Mondays? We will see if this continues the pattern.

This is still an exploration company and there can be many risks when playing these venture stocks. From information I have gathered and been provided by who I deem highly respectable people in this field of mining and exploration, I think EAS has 9mil+ oz of gold and a buyout price of min $100/oz (probably closer to $150) we should be seeing a double or tripple from these levels, and I think it will happen this year.

There is always the possibility that the next results are not as good as expected, we could be pinching off in some directions which can be taken negatively if the market cap of the stock gets too inflated for what is deemed to be the value of the resource.

My take, if we float in this $6 range for a bit before news, and the news tells us more about how much ore we have, and that it is looking clearer that we have 10mil oz or more (we do not have 43-101 yet for real numbers), then I can see this ride going for another $2 in share price.

If results are not as expected then I can see us dropping to $5 levels where I would expect funds to be heavily buying (as well as me). Many funds will not buy a stock under $5, and if they hold them they would normally sell. The story with EAS is such that these bigger players want in because it seems to be the best bet on the venture right now.

Is EAS a sure thing? I thought about it and almost put 100% into EAS, I should have, but it is often wiser to not look at hindsight, you could get smacked the next time. I think EAS is about as sure a thing as you can hope for on the venture right now, downside risk is so low (IMO) and the upside could be a game changer. If mihwa, sipopoke and moon river connect then this can be a 5 bagger stock from $6 with so little downside risk.

Some of my other plays are getting to the point of making or breaking. AUU is drilling looking for more silver, I can see it getting to .60 if they pull similar results to the first ones.

BVG has not performed as I hoped, they need to drill and get things happening, not too sure about the management, but the drill results so far see to indicate lots of potential.

WZR crapshoot wildcat drill in kurdistan is currently sidetracking after containing the overpressures. NMumerous oil and gas shows will be wireline logged over the next month or 2, stock is starting to creep up. If they hit anything significant (already know about the condensates and it has marketable value) this stock goes to $5, if they hit big, then $10. They did not reach the final zone with the current drill and overpressures were too much, so there could also be a huge deposit that could take wzr to the $20 range. This one is my big gamble, 12% of my spec portfolio.