Colombia TakeOver Frenzy Just About To Start (CNE (PTA) PXT) PRE) (GTE) It's where Western Canadian Basin was 50 years ago

A huge land rush is happening in the energy sector in Colombia, and Canadian listed exploration and production companies are leading the way.

An improved political and security climate, along with new technology such as horizontal drilling and 3D seismic, are driving the interest.

Canadian securities firm Genuity Capital Markets recently issued a 105 page research report stating that "Colombia is one of the most attractive places to invest in oil and gas globally." Colombia's geology is similar to western Canada - a mountain range, foothills and plains that have the potential to hold billions of barrels of oil. And operators using 3D seismic has increased the success rate in exploration to 70% in the country.

"Colombia is undergoing an evolution that is very similar to what had previously occurred in Western Canada," states the report, "companies are improving seismic data and interpretation to reduce exploration risk...the triple benefit of improved terms, better technology, and higher oil prices is so compelling that we believe those that have not aggressively acquired land and resource potential risk having missed the land rush in Colombia."
Thedave on Stockhouse Has Followed Colombian oil Plays for Years and Called 6 Takeovers in the Recent past.
Therefore when Thedave Calls Colombiaa Oil Frenzy of TakeOvers Coming. It will happen, sooner than later.

Thedave on Stockhouse.