It seems like the recession is over for drilling contractors.  Allot of the public drillers are reporting amazing results that are still flying under the radar for investors.I loaded up on Cabot Drilling..I think that they are in the same position as Timberline and Major Drilling.  All of these drilling contractors have some huge new contracts that will not show up on their balance sheets until next year. I love this unknown driller called Cabot Drilling V.CBE.  They are set to receive $2M from a takeover of Tagish Lake Gold   V. TLG in the Yukon Tinitina Gold belt.  Cabo is a major debt holder on TLG's Skukum Gold/Silver project and TLG is being taken over (  or fought over by two players).  Cabo has liens on TLG property for unpaid drlling and    will  get $2M soon of CASH soon as per the takeover offers and they will probably get the driling contract to expand the TLG deposit.  Cabo also has allot of other things going on... along with  a resusiciation in the drilling sector...I think Cabo is worth over $.60.  soon.  You have to call them to get an idea of what is really going on.

These are the other drilling contractors that have seen  a huge rebound in their stock price.  I think CBE has the potential for a bigger rebound then these guys have seen.    Major Drilling has gone up huge and Timberline went from $.20 to $1.10.  I think Cabot will go close to $1 with what they have going on..   It always pays to recognize opportunities early and the drillers are  just starting to get over the  financial collapse and are  inundanted  with request for their will see this in the next 3 get in now and make some money.

You really need to call the company to get the lead on what is happening:

It  takes foresight to make money in the market and I believe that CBE will fly high soon...get to this before  the herd does and phone the  company to find out what is will be impressed.

Do your own DD and never blame a poster on SH

I won a position in CBE