Some saythe Yukon is at the start of a multi-decade exploration boom that is comparableto the early 1980s in Nevada, the U.S. state that ranks among the world’sleading gold producing areas and is home to the flagship operations of two ofthe world’s leading gold miners, Barrick Gold Corp. (TSX: T.ABX,Stock Forum) and (NYSE: ABXStock Forum) and Newmont Mining Corp. (NYSE: NEMStock Forum
But industryofficials say it was discoveries on Atac Resources Ltd.’s (TSX: V.ATCStock Forum) Rackla gold project in the SelwynBasin that really set the staking rush in motion. “It triggered a huge stakingrush that has not abated to this day,’’ said Yukon Chamber of Mines PresidentClaire Derome
The bigplayers in the Rackla area are Atac Resources with an elephant of a landposition, Strategic Metals Ltd  (V.SMD), and Expedition Mining(V.EXU.)   Thebelow noted maps shows mineral claim locations for allthree.
Theinteresting thing this year is that the area surrounding ATAC ResourcesRACKLA gold deposits (TIGER and OSIRIS) have started to return someexcellent results late last week.  Last week ATAC finally received labresults from parts of  this summers drilling and the results wereastoundingly high
ATACResources Drills 26.12 Metres of 6.08 g/t Gold at Osiris Zone.  Isis East Discovery HoleIntersects 38.10 Metres of 3.33 g/t Gold$
  But more importanly ATAC reported:  Holes drilled along the structuretoward the  North Osiris trench (see news release dated August 30,2011) have all intersected levels of alteration and arsenic mineralizationcharacteristic for gold mineralization in this system. Assays for the remaining18 holes from the Osiris Zone will be released when received and compiled Based on this and the proximity of land holdings held byExpedition Mining, EXU stock jumped from $.12 to $.15 on Friday.  
spoke with EXU management and they state that their ground is next doorto ATAC's Osiris and Tiger zones.  EXU has finished a very detailedground sampling program this year and built a camp at their JOY property to goback this summer to  continue to explore and drill their JOYproperty.
Management believesthat the EXU's Joy property sits on an ultramafic belt and hosts similargeology to the Tiger and Osiris Zones being discovered by ATAC.  The market seems to agree asevidenced by last weeks jump in the share price for EXU and also evidenced byEXU's spring 2011 sampling program 
I also spoke with Bill Galine, CEO of Expedition and he says that theyexpect the results of their summer sampling program to be out any day now, butfor sure before the Yukon Mining Conference on Nov 19,2011.
I also spoke with ATAC and they also state that they have further drillresults due out any day on their Osiris and Tiger Zones.
I think that next wewill will see a surge in the YUKON RAKLA belt exploration plays. 

With ATAC Resources and Strategic already commanidng market caps inthe several hundred millions, EXPEDITION REOSURCES should see its stockprice double or triple if the area results continue to be anywhere near the 6g/tonne reported by ATAC last week.
Look for more RAKLA BELT results from Strategic, ATAC and EXEPDITION nextweek.
Do your own DD but have a look at V.EXU  $$$$$$$$$