ALERT  "CONNACHER  OIL  TAKEOVER  TALKS  THIS  WEEKEND"  SEEMS  CONNACHER  OIL (CLL)  IN  THE  NEWS  AGAIN  IN  BUYOUT  TALKS...   BNN  said  Buyout $1.50 +++  perhaps  Eric Nuttall from Sprott asset management.  Yet with Connacher insiders  buying, all of them  CEO Buying weekly or daily lately....   You Were Told    other buyout or huge upside picks we have said  uts energy .88 to $3  Arawak .33 to .90  Daylight energy $4.50 to over $10  Ithaca .41 to over $3 sell.  Short vst vast $1.10 down to .04 cents great short etc etc... Petrolifeta .65 Buyout coming BANG  CORRECT  AGAIN....  CONNACHER  OIL  WILL  BE  BOUGHT  OIL  MAJOR,  CHINESE  HERE  IN  TALKS         You Were Told....  Record speaks for itself.  Good Buying. In fact cll has already been Up 100% .235 to .47 cents  Thanks for giving away cll shares.