I do alot of charts, and post some of them, time to post them on a blog?! I must be bored.. 

MEI .. narrowing BB, support rising to meet resistance. Yes, I expect a sizeable move within 2 weeks..  MEI is an oil (and gas) producer, Canadian Foothills in Alberta. Notice the pick up in volume over the last couple months.


ORT .. sloping resistance under attack today .. will it give, or hold.. ORT has alot on its plate, new technology to produce alumina which doesn't  leave the infamous red mud as by-product. And other technologies. Currently they are building a plant in Quebec to produce HPA, or high-purity alumina. They also have a vast property in Quebec of clay they intend to process to produce the alumina. Everyone is waiting for them to sign a deal with Rusal, the world's largest aluminum company. Some think they can pull it all off, and some are betting against it. The stock has pretty much traded in a channel for 2 yrs, but that channel is $2 wide.

Red mud.. yuck.. Can't sweep THAT under the carpet.


Good call by me couple weeks ago, predicting a move because of low volatility and repeated patterns .. BSX .. rose 30 cents soon after. BSX is a gold stock. Brazil. 5 million ounces at say, 1.7 g/t Au. Everybody says it will be bought out, even the smart ones.