Firslty, as TTQ's CEO stated in an interview at PDAC.......TTQ has over 25 Billion dollars of Moly (655 Million lbs so far) in the ground to date at its CHU project. Most of the resource estimated here is located between surface and a depth of 500 meters. The deposit is open to depth. To date the drilling on the CHU Project has outlined mineralization extending over 1.7 Kilometers in length, over 700 meters in depth, and 300 meters wide. The deposit remains open in all directions. TTM has completed over 21,000 meters of core drilling program with numerous long intercepts of ore grade molybdenum including drill hole 19 which delivered 504.4 meters of .109% Mo. Assay results are indicating that the deposit would have a low stripping ratio as the mineralization extends to near surface. As well, TTQ has results from those deep drill assays that are due any day now, and will likely move this property to over 1 billion pounds of molybdenum. Remember..... this is not speculative....... this is a NI-43-101 compliant resource estimate. Also, the CEO has just stated that their CHU property has two other targets that are very likely even larger than this first mega deposit. ------- TTQ has 3 options... sell, JV, or go alone. They can easily get between $3 - $5 but I think they won't sell for less than $6 at this point in time.----TTQ has 16 Million in the bank which is plenty of money to continue drilling. No immediate dilution necessary.------- A third drill is ready to go and will arrive in a matter of weeks to begin drilling these new deposits.--------Sprott owns approximately 10% of TTQ.----- Insiders are buying -------The Symetric Triangle which is very bullish has formed and we are breaking out. TTQ's share price will continue to head higher.-----The 50 DMA just crossed the 200 DMA which is another bullish technical has an opinion as a 100% Buy on TTQ. This is a 100% Buy for short term, medium term, and long term. How many times have you seen that on a stock?---- TTQ could become the world's largest Moly deposit with success in further deep drill results and the other 2 zones.-------TCM ( the mega moly miner next door to TTQ) has recently mentioned that they are considering purchasing other properties. See the March 4/08 Financial post article."Responding to a question about the potential for additional reserves at its 75%-owned Endako project in B.C, Mr. Collison said the company is beginning to look beyond the existing property." --------TTQ is only 75km away from TCM's Endako mine with one of the few roasters in North America.----- The word on TTQ is just getting out... PDAC, Newspapers, BNN, etc.-------TTQ reports drill results in MO and not MoS2. MO is higher. Make sure you are aware of this if comparing TTQ to other companies..1% Mo has 1kg Moly per tonne .1% MoS2 has .6kg Moly per tonne---- CONSIDER LAWRENCE RAULSTON JUST HAD NOT AS A TOP PICK. HE STATED NOT HAD 5 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF RESOURCES IN THE GROUND. AND, HE CALLED THAT A BUY AT $7.00. - What does that mean when TTQ has 25 billion dollars worth of minerals, and the potential to grow that amount to 100 billion dollars........ and TTQ is trading at only $1.59-------- I suggest you get into this stock in its infancy. Recall TCM (Blue Pearl) (TTQ's neighbour) ran from this level to $24.00 last year. Could that happen to TTQ? It likely will. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also suggest you look into EVG which is a $20.00 gold stock, that is trading at $1.50 today, but they have likely discovered the Carlin Trend on thier property. This trend runs through EVG's two neighbours properties. They are two of the worlds largest gold mines owned by Barrick Gold and Newmont. Assays are due any day now that will push this well past NOT's $7.00 share price. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And, I also suggest you take a look at HAT. They have had an absolutely elephant sized uranium discovery in the Athabascan Basin. Initial thoughts are that Uranium spot prices have bottomed, and that this could be the perfect storm for HAT with what could be Canadas largest uranium discovery to date. It is being touted as a $20.00 stock as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------best of luck in your trading and always remember....... do your own research, and dont let anyone on these bullboards influence your decisions. I just wanted to talk about 3 stocks that in my opinion are each under 2 dollars, that could easily go to 20 dollars or more in the next 3 - 6 months.