for 3 or 4 days before breaking out and hitting $4.00 shortly after.
The results speak for themself and whether or not they acquire this drill
rig they are looking for is also not relevant. In 4-5-6
months they still will have the property and pursue
further work on it with "hopefully similar results or
better perhaps."

In the mean time they still have a 1% NSR with Yamana Gold kicking in
the 3rd quarter. From that they will make between $1.5-2million a year
depending on production and a cost of gold based on $750/oz.

They also have 19 drill holes being drilled as we speak on the San Jose
property. This has turned up 47.5 g/t gold in previous results already so
these results are also long awaited and could be blockbuster. And they
still have another 38 properties in the portfolio with a measly market cap.
of just $12.5million. You can not honestly tell me this is only worth .80cts
with or without further work on the Poncha property 4 or 5 months from today.
This one is going north of $1.25 this week and the company will make sure
of that to get those $1.50 warrants excercised. All aboard?