CWK just came back from a trip to Europe where they
met with a number of different institutional  investors. 
One of those investors agreeing to a $4.5million debenture
financing. The debenture is convertible into stock at a minimum
of .25cts. This could possibly be much higher however as it does
take into account the 30day average closing price per quarter of
the stock over the 1st year of the loan.

CWK is now flush with cash and  puts the company in the best
position it has ever been in. with a number of news releases and
announcements expected ie. CRTC ruling and approval, further
financings, etc. you have to think this is setting up for a huge promo.
The company has converted nearly 90% of it's debt into equity in the
last year as well so many people are sitting on a great deal of paper.
Stock  is now @.05cts and I see it going to .70-.80cts by summer.
I have started loading up on this one in the last week myself.