It looks like the current trend in the market is to favour gold exploration companies that have some drill indicated resources.  Companies such as Luna Gold ( V.LGC, Rochester Resources  (V.RCT) and Robex Gold ( V.RBX) have recently been able to raise funding based on the quality of their properties and the reserves they have in the ground.

Today, I see tht Robex Gold (V.RBX) is starting to heat up.  The stock is a leader in volume traded on the Venture Exchange and many of the asks seem to be taken out as soon as they appear.  The has spiked recently caused the stock to double from its price of $.07  to todays high of $.14  and the company is aggressively working to develop their 10 gold proeprties in MALI.  I called their IR team and am told that they are talking with a major firm to JV one of their Gold properties, BUT they are also in the process of completing a feasibility study on one of their gold properties  in MALI.  This property has approx. 750K ounces in reserves from past drilling and they state it is amenable to open pit mining at low cost per oucne and low start up cost.

Today the company put out a NR about a goodwill gesture they did by donating one of thier properties to the local government.  In the coming  weeks they  are planning to have news on JV's on their properties as well updates on the feasibility study engineering plans on their  flagship property.

I like this stock and  have loaded up.  Take a look and call thier IR team at Investor relations / information:
André Gagne, vice-president  418-527-3588, [email protected]