Canacol Energy ( is clearly set to Fly Higher, CNE just bought a Colombian OIL company that fits  soooo   WELL WITH CANACOL\S PRODUCING BASE    30,000 barrels daily production in 2012  imo  from 1000boed 2 years  ago  GROWTH  STORY   CAN  YOU  SAY...     only .65 cents today up7% but imo $3 per share 2012 watch...  Producing 4,000 barrel oil wells  light oil $109 . barrel (brent)  Rancho Hermoso oil field is a cash cow canacol energy drilling huge reserves  like there Capella oil field 2billion barrel reserve. CNE has 10% and huge blocks on all 3 sides of Capella oil field  THE  FUTURE  IS  OURS  CANACOL...  cheers  Joan.