Email Connacher Oil Positive News Nov. 10th  CLL looking for Chinese Oil Major Partner. has been in Talks, and Insiders have been loading up on Connacher oil shares  Buying even CEO says he has been buying large 255,000 shares and Connacher has Raised $150,000,000 in Cash in 2011 from Non Core asset sales, with another $200,000,000 sale of Refinery coming as it is non core....  The Only Question is will Connacher say it is for sale or a Buyout Offer on Connacher's Table?    D.D.  and yes for the record we like and have Connacher Oil Shares!    Connacher has 650,000,000 Barrels Reserves Fact, and The Chinese will be let in to BUY this oilsands play like Daylight Energy month ago,  OIL  AT  $93 +  TODAY BARREL  ...  BRENT $109  BARREL  LATELY  GOING  HIGHER  AS  WINTER  IS  COMING  NOV COMES!!!!