Fear Sellers (and idiots)

I need the price to drop so I can maximize what I just put in my account. If you all sold now and bought back later I could get your shares cheap. You know you want to do this for me cause I'm such a nice guy.

(1) CUU is about to collapse because the ground is too frozen to dig, keeps breaking the picks and shovels.

(2) They are going to halt the NTL because they ran out of copper for the wires.

(3) The PDAC won't happen because no ones car will start.

(4) The olde resource estimate was an error. They have 8 pounds of copper not billion pounds.

(5) There won't be an new estimate. The drill is froze to the ground.

(6) An airbourne is not possible. Balloons are to hard to keep inflated when it's this cold and the last one blew away so they are still looking for it.

(7) The EA won't pass because a Sturgeon was recently spotted swimming up river to spawn.

(8) Tech is broke. Spent all their money on CUU shares that tanked.

Sorry to bear bad news now please sell off.

Feb 2 NR

For new people and longs.

My guess work

The white elephant under 404 tells us something very important. It's volcanic rock squeezed up from below. The deposit is a lens and this is the center. That means the deposit extends out in all directions with minimal shearing. I suggested it was tilted at an angle and distorted roughly in a squished horse shoe shape and this turns out to be correct. That means much more depth than was thought. It also means the north is the best chance to seriously extend the pit. 

The upper 82m of DDH CF404 intersected andesite and thereafter was completed to a depth of 255m in a series of late, post mineralization porphyritic, dioritic to gabbroic intrusive dikes (See link below).
http://www.jstor.org/pss/30068500 This is a bit technical and while not directly related it does provide sufficient info to support my thinking.

Gabbroic (Long belts of gabbroic intrusions are typically formed at proto-rift zones and around ancient rift zone margins, intruding into the rift flanks.)


DDH CF402 is located 154m north of DDH CF398. The mineralization is primarily hosted in potassic altered intrusive breccia overprinted by argillic and abundant vein controlled propylitic alteration. The mineralization is open to the north, at depth and to the east under Mount La Casse.  This drill hole has deepened the mineralization on this section an additional 140m.

405 and 406 will be slightly better with more silver.

Look at the silver values at depths. You can form a mental 3D Layer picture of what's going on. You don't need to be a geologist to see it. (Strongly phyllic and potassic altered and chalcopyrite rich feldspar porhyritic intrusive clasts within the thrust strongly suggest the presence of a copper porphyry below the thrust). So guess what. Big value at depth. The IP doesn't go deep enough. http://www.quantecgeoscience.com/Tech/Titan24.php Also while reading this you may want to look at the images found here http://www.copperfoxmetals.com/s/SchaftCreek.asp?ReportID=209032 

I've been busy plotting results for self amusement. The above assesment is correct. They should definately do a high level airbourne. I suspect they would find 4 times the current resource! Same grades but with thinning depth as the lens spreads out and some pockets. I had said 404 should be drilled really deep. It is the point where all this bubbled up. Well worth a look see. The more we understand about the mineralization from the origin the better. But, and airbourne would do the trick because this is a pit.

The match to set off the powder keg is the NTL. It's the only thing holding up major SP movement. I like the current trading bands. This gives us opportunity to exploit our positions and we have detailed knowledge of the patterns. From todays trades I can see about 20k worth that didn't make money because the buyers didn't recognize our patterns. There will be dissapointment and the price will drop some more. Enough to go short? I would not risk it. If you sold some on todays upswing and bought back, you made free shares. I look forward to more of this. 

Todays news was because of the other guys interview posted the other day. So finally, we are beginning to see copper fox become aware of the importance of good pr. I noted the facebook notification came very tardily. SHAME ON YOU GUYS. Be glad I'm not the pr boss, there would be a sacking. But in light of their new recognition of keeping us informed I'll add 1 point to the management's score.

There are 4 times as many pounds in the ground. We will find other valuable minerals on the site. A detailed study of 12 meduim to giant deposits with the same chemistry reveals that the surrounding areas yield good results and in some cases more gold and silver. Copper Mountain is a good example.  It does matter a bit where you are located and what your share structure is but in general EVERYONE is doing better than us. After much reduction there is only one possible reason. The NTL. Even taking into consideration that CUU has its own back up plan for power this single factor is what is holding the majority back.

Timeliness. Will CUU beat the potential coming crunch. (The big one). Unless they improve response time and get the work done then I would have to say no. Yup, I know they have had more snow than ever but I say suck it up Princess. Just hike your skirts gentlmen and get to work. The clock is ticking. I don't like hearing Q2 and I certainly don't want to hear Q3. Hire some more people and get it done or in the words of the Donald, "Your Fired".

Jan 23/11
The proof is in the pudding.
With mere days to the NTL approval things are heating up. If you invest like me using about a one year span the the Golden Triangle is for you. All of the stocks in the area will make huge gains. Patience will be required. Look at the Bronson slope results over the past years and the current results. Look at Galore and Schaft. Stunning right! All this depends on infastructure (power). The secondary investment for longer spans is real estate. Right now you can buy crappy housing in Quesnel, Kitimat and Stewart for dimes. These can be rented while you accrue value. Quesnel has an advantage over Prince George in that overall costs are lower. PG has more to offer but it is not a pretty city. In fact, the city needs a major house cleaning but city hall is run by bumbkins. So yes, the hillbilly mentality rules there. In addition, they have cameras popping up like mushrooms leaving little privacy for the more northern mentality types. (Like Miners). The city still stinks from the mills and hundreds of people have recently discovered that they were being poisoned by formaldahyde in the air. The city knew this and concealed it. Stewart on the other hand is much better for recreation but it is not known if it will become the supply hub for the mines. It is however, my choice for future land grabs and development. Terrace and Rupert should develop just because of what has already started with the port. Get'em while they're hot.

I suggest to you all to collect up all the stocks in the triangle and go through the NR's. You can find a wealth of ready info on the CUU bb to get you started. This is a once in a lifetime ground floor opportunity. Today is the last call for cheap shares. Everyone is at the Vancouver Mining Conference this weekend. Watch as the news gains traction world wide.

Jan 6/11
TFSA investing is done. Now the real fun begins. The NTL (Power line) clock has restarted. Not all the hold outs are done. Personal gain is still on the table but the deal is essentially done. Jan 12 should result in an official go ahead and we should see all the stocks in the area begin to climb. I still think 92 cents is a buy and hold after that. My original estimate for the buyout was $7.78. This the drill results supporting my guestimates this figure is not so far fetched. Even is the more conservative guesses of $3.50 by some of the board members turns true it would be hard to pass this one up in favour of a more speculative stock. Even the wrost case in the $1.30's is great because we can count on it happening. Q1 is all news. Those who wait for a better entry point might miss out. Lots of people sold today and might regret it. The chart shows 85 cents as the bottom. Friday should be slower without any big moves up or down but, it is possible someone will load up for Monday. 


Jan 1 2011

After a huge amount of analysis I came to the conclusion that CUU will sky rocket no matter who dumps the stock not how much they dump.  eg:
Copper will rise so high and fast that alternatives will be sought to keep housing costs down. Yes, stores of the red metal are increasing but that is to be expected at this time of year. However, Calculating in the rate of consumption and resupply leads to a lag of over 5 years. Not a huge deficit but enough to drive the price up another 40% before reaching the breaking point. This is why stock piling is taking place. Jan money is coming to roost in copper because it is the most valuable consumption material and that is because it is at the root of society. I had concerns that the coming economic crash would halt her in her tracks and the dirty tricks used on the SP would damage the stock badly. While these things will come to pass, there is no better way to preserve wealth. Gold is pretty, silver depends on coinage and technology but copper lets us flush our toilets. Who do you think will win out?

Dec 23

23.5% of $155 =  $36.5 Take 10% of that and you get about $3.61 a share for CUU's portion.
0.2 or 0.3 cutoff grade makes a small difference in the final price. Yet, we sit at 72 cents with dips to 71 and a chart that looks like we're going negative for the day. Perhaps this post will boost price since management seem oblivious to the reports and concerns of the investors. AGAIN, Begger all for trading on what is likely the safest investment you can own in a failing fiat currency world! The writting is on the wall. Your potential profit is clearly there so where are the buyers? See older info.

GoldMinerPulse Most Optimistic Resource Estimate Summary (MORE)

All metal counts in this section are based on the combined Proven + Probable reserves plus the Measured + Indicated and Inferred resources.

Metal Summary Based on Closing Prices on 2010-12-22
Metric / Metal Gold Silver Copper Molybdenum
Total Counts (reserves + resources) 8.60 M oz 79.10 M oz 3.47 M t 298.35 K t
Metal Prices in US$ (from 2010-12-22) $1,384.40 per oz $29.25 per oz $4.24940 per lb $16.00 per lb
Metal Value per Share (MVpSh)
Shown in US$. Based on fully diluted share count
$32.24 $6.26 $87.88 $28.48
Percentage of Total Metal Value 20.82% 4.04% 56.75% 18.39%
Metal Value Percentage Proven + Probable 0% 0% 0% 0%
Metal Value Percentage Measured + Indicated 94% 88% 92% 89%
Metal Value Percentage Inferred 6% 12% 8% 11%

The above metal value totals derive from the following projects.

Project/Deposit/Mine Summary Based on Closing Prices on 2010-12-22
Project Location Metal Value per
share (% total)
Ore Value
Gold Silver Copper Molybdenum PP% MI% I%
Schaft Creek British Columbia, Canada $154.86 ( 100.0% ) US$36.21 8.60 M oz 79.10 M oz 3.47 M t 298.35 K t 0 92% 8%
  • PP%: percentage of metal value from Proven + Probable reserves

  • MI%: percentage of metal value from Measured + Indicated resources

  • I%: percentage of metal value from Inferred resources

  • Note: percentages may no add to 100% due to rounding errors