I was looking for a word. Big mineral discoveries are called "elephants". Some locales are known as "elephant country".  Geology works on a grand scale. Crustal slabs 40 kilometers square can get flipped and stacked.

I've got a bear of an investment. A "bear" as in good, as in aggressive - that you have to grapple with. My bear is a Kodiak, an explorer. My problem is finding a word.

Even the grandest geology is being challenged by the scale of the gold quartz veins being unearthed in the Geraldton/Beardmore gold camp in the Thunder Bay district of Ontario. The project is called Hercules - well chosen looking back from the newly discovered and aptly named "Golden Mile".

So, elephant seems, well, less than what is needed, to describe what's arising. It is mammoth. And it is a bear. I need an "elephant/mammoth/bear" word. BEHEMOTH is it - monster of the north, rewriting the literature, redefining what is possible.

A behemoth of a discovery is being made now by Kodiak Exploration Limited at Hercules.  Its an opportunity to see an epochal event play out. Watch and see.