Well, it is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Pickering, The sun is out, winds are calm, almost smells of Spring.

I'm just enjoying a cup of hot joe and checking out the boards.

Can't help but laugh at the absolute insanity on the v.int board, everyone on there has an idea of what is going on, very few agree, almost certainly none are correct. We have a valuation range between 210 million up to over a billion, a BILLION dollars, come on people. You are setting yourselves up for a fall.

Also, seeing buyout posts, that is a real possibility, but who is doing the buying, us, them........................

Ortsbo.co share price, a buck, five, 10.50 getting wild, but they argue since facebook IPO anything is possible and they may be right, but it sure looks unreal. That said we did run from zip to over three in a big hurry last time so who's to say we wont do it again, and enjoy the crash again too.

I think, that is the reason for the extended halt, gives the whole market time to read, react, relax.

Here is my why to it. The company has maintained great security on details of the deal, no leaks, no user numbers, no nothing. BUT. When time comes for money to actually change hands, thats when others must get brought into the room. Money moving attracts attention, the attention of some that the company may not want. And given the microscope they are under......

HALT it --- prevents crazy stuff from happening, i.e. massive hype runups, wild shorting and all the madness of last time.

DO NOT be surprised if we stay halted through Monday too. If it is a money transaction, be it the ortsbo spinout, or a buyout, or a buy-UP, these things take time to do, and it will be a done deal when its announced.

So, time to warm up the coffee, have a smoke and relax, its Sunday, we will know soon enough.