Well the last three years the STEM insiders have done nothing but sell their stock whereas SSS.V has done nothing except buy. 



Only SSS.V has made it to phase 2 b! The FDA tried to sabotoge its efforts even with an approved drug, EPO! 

look at companies(market caps 5M) such as IRBS, SCII, ACTC, ASTMD, reneuron,

are all at preclinical or phase 1

This is why SSS.V is a leader.

You just have to follow the money, the money is flowing out of embryonic stem cell research and into adult stem cell therapy,

there is also a tonne of money going into TBI research.

The company does not plan to sell, they like to work, they can move quicker on their own.

There may be a possible partnership with Pfizer, take a look what happened to Athersys, ATHX