January 1, 2012, Canadians will have a new $5,000 of room to invest in their Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). THIS BRINGS THE TOTAL TO $20,000 FOR MANY CANADIANS.


For the savvy investor this is a remarkable opportunity – especially for those educated TMX Venture investors, as returns on this investment could be spectacular and with NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX implications. 


I personally will be keeping my scope solidly aligned with two Canadian startup GEM's. Each company showing extremely positive signs that their innovative products could be the new Gold Standard in their respective fields. 


For those of you who follow my posts, this will be of no surprise – these two companies are Verisante Technology V.VRS based in Vancouver – a medical device firm with break through technology on early cancer detection and Kane Biotech V.KNE a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of products to prevent and remove biofilms such as the deadly MRSA.


Both of these company's have the potential of truly exceptional growth in 2012 with revolutionary products on the verge of commercialization. 


Verisante Technology is my top choice – these guys are on track for some truly remarkable headlines in early 2012. The first product, the Verisante AURA for the accurate detection of skin cancers – including the often deadly melanoma has been approved in Canada, Australia and the EU – soon to be in select South American countries as well...but most notably in the USA with FDA guidance expected in early Q1 of 2012. The AURA is expected to retail for approximately $60,000 and will be targeted to large specialty clinics, Hospitals and Dermatologist Offices – although not limited to. 


The AURA has many talking – their early media coverage has been stellar, and with 10 working demo models of the AURA expected for strategic placement in the very near term, this attention will likely heat up in 2012, ramping consistently until the second half of 2012 when the AURA is expected to be released for mass commercial sales. 


Verisante AURA utilizes Raman Spectroscopy lasers to give an accurate biochemical reading of cells that identifies cancer or pre-cancerous conditions – the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) Team behind this invention and VRS have also demonstrated that by adding Multispectral Imaging (fluorescences/NIR) to the mix – they can radically improve accuracy on already top of field results. To this VRS has recently announced that a new Multispectral Imaging product is in development that is expected to retail for approximately $5000. This unit is expected to give an accurate standalone cancer diagnosis for both SKIN and ORAL cancers – and can be combined with the AURA to greatly improve on accuracy. 


This new Multispectral device by Verisante will compete head on with Melafind by Mela Sciences for melanoma skin cancer diagnosis and Veloscope by LED Medical for oral cancer diagnosis – many familiar with the recent published work by the research scientists at the BCCA are keenly excited about these announced product developments. Melafind has limited use approval for only melanoma by only trained Dermatologists in the USA, the Veloscope for oral cancer detection only highlights questionable areas in the oral cavity with a light offering no real-time diagnosis – Verisante's new Multispectral imaging medical device will be priced right and with proper approvals in place, has a great opportunity to lead in both product performance and market depth. 


In 2012, investors should also hear more about the Verisante CORE – based largely on the AURA platform however with different software and probe assemblies to target accurate cancer detection within the body – namely lungs, colon and cervix. Please read the headlines on the webpage for this amazing product. There is a lot of science and product development that has already occured behind the scences - I would guess VRS has headlines just itching to be released to this regard, however their stated goals have been first for the successful release of the AURA - then the CORE. 


Kane Biotech based in Winnipeg Manitoba is my solid second choice for my 2012 TFSA investments. Gord Froehlich, President and CEO of Kane has done an exceptional job building investor value as he navigates the often turbulent waters for a Canadian venture biotech startup company. He and his team in 2011 have consistently built on the intellectual property estate of their antibiofilm technology for applications in wound care and medical devices. 


For the medical lay-mans out there- Biofilms are a major cause of a number of serious medical problems including chronic infections and medical device related infections. They develop on surfaces such as catheters, prosthetic implants, teeth, lungs and the urogenital tract. Biofilms are pervasive, costly to deal with and approximately 80% of all human bacterial infections involve biofilms. The healing of chronic wounds alone costs the United States health care system $20 billion per year.


KNE is seemingly on the verge of FDA approval for their flagship product DispersinB (r). 

KNE was awarded a coveted US Army contract in 2011 for DispersinB (r).

KNE was issued several key patents in 2011

KNE was named in the top 10 for the WORLD "Most Innovative Companies" in Biotech by Fast Company Magazine for 2011


Keep an eye on these companies for 2012. Do your research in addition to my feelings stated above and please have a look at these two companies valuations – in my opinion, they are both very attractive, especially when viewing the very possible upside for 2012. 


Canada's Tax Free Savings Accounts are a true GIFT to Canadian Savers – you can be like the majority of Canadians and ignore this, or open a 'high interest' TFSA savings account for wooden nickel-like interest, or you could choose to be bold with your TSFA investment decision. Take a chance on two great Canadian companies that may reward your investment decision both ETHICALLY and FINANCIALLY. 


These are just my opinions, nothing more. 

Good luck. 


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