My last Blog may sound a bit crazy, but it was a mental tease to those who love the markets and can not help themselves but to play the market based on the intellectual challenge; to such people all other knowledge is boring. I also wrote it after a few vodkas, but it is also very much related to what I have been contemplating for a few years.


I plan to decipher my last blog with some very insightful comments on were the world is heading in the next 20 years.


These are very interesting times in terms of historical perspective; the world could look very different in 20 years, well beyond what most people can contemplate.


We all realize that technology is rapidly changing the world on a daily basis and at a very fast speed.


However I have never heard anyone write about how history is speeding up. Most people have never witnesses major historical changes in their own life time; for in the past the world history moved very slow.


We seem to be in a period where we may see multiple historical changes in our own life time; ones that are global in nature and are repeated multiple times in ones own life time.


This means that a lot of the knowledge you have on how the world works, could become untrue and in the end hold no truth.


For example, the Euro Elites who are trying to force a reality on people are very much like the old generals who are fighting yesterday’s wars. The reasoning and strategy for building the European Union may be completely false and no longer workable or sensible. The reality that justified the EU may no longer exist.


The world is moving on, to a new history, a new historical era. Of course people do not understand it, the book has not been written, present education books or the old rule book no longer apply. It is no good asking our elders, because they do not know either. Bill Gross admitted to this lack of knowing in a very insightful way.


 I hope I get time to reply to my last blog , the mental tease. It was very much a pre curser to something I have been thinking about for a few years.