Must read, on the new therapeutics announced today!

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   SUBJECT: These compounds derive all from the discovery  Posted By: dellman 
Post Time: 2/1/2007 09:21 
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of the mechanism of action of PBI-1402! remember previous nr on this! We just hit the jack pot here, wait until pbi1402 test results... we could be the next PFIZER here! Think about it...

Before we were only talking about one compound, now we have a pipeline in hematology and one in cancer thanks to the understanding of that mechanism of action their scientists discovered!

You need to understand this because like i said this is really huge for PLI, and maybe this is why Paradigm was buying that much.

1402 is an anemia drug, we have a neutropenia drug, and we have
"sons and sisters and brother in laws of 1402 for different indications in hematology."

All based in the same mechanism of action found in 1402...