This week’s Halloween Massacre in the Canadian income trusts sector brought me some financial pain, along with millions of others, but more so it brings all of the problems with our current system right back to web-page one (does anyone actually read paper newspapers anymore?).

As a basis to start a conversation, let me state that I have no love for the NATION (ie. government institution) of Canada, nor any nation.  I have love for the human race.  I have love for the planet Earth.  I have love for anything that truthfully provides people with more freedom and a chance for a better life.

There are many good things that happen and are done by multitudes of great people (never by government) in the geographic region known as Canada, however, and for that I am not proud (why would I be proud of something I had nothing to do with, I was just born there), just very thankful and humbled.

But, to the point of national pride, I believe myself to be more patriotic than most, but not in the way that many today view patriotism.

If, for example, the empire of America continues to stretch it’s long fascist arm across the border into Canada, as they did when the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raided a BC Marijuana Store in Vancouver in 2005, I would be one of the first to raise up arms to fight.

As well, I am willing to help fight to rid Canada of it’s horrendous government “system”.  Whether it be through peaceful means or not, I am “patriotic” enough to lay down my life for the freedom of the people.

So, when this week, the government tinkered once again with the economy and brought major hardship to many Canadians and likely lost a lot of foreign investment for good, it was yet another reminder of the major problem with our system.

I spent days watching television (via Slingbox allowing me to watch Canadian TV from my current location in Asia) and reading on the internet (the $trsts forum on BullBoards in particular) as many expressed their anger about this week’s decision, despite their promises to the otherwise, by the federal government to tax income trusts.

The great majority of people expressed their anger and stated that “in the next election I will vote Liberal”.

Sadly, this misses the entire point of the problem.

The problem is not the Conservative Party.  It is not the Liberal Party.  And as hard as it is for me to say, it is not even the NDP Party.

The problem is government as a whole.

The entire concept of having a government that is the overseer of everything in a nation has evolved over time but is certainly far from perfect as anyone who can even sit up under their own power has noticed.

Man’s first steps were herd-like as we roamed the planet in groups looking for sustenance.  It then evolved into Kingdoms, when groups of large size began to be organized by a person, or small group, usually of great wealth, giving them the ability to hire force to subjugate the people below them and to use force to occupy or dominate others as the kingdom grew.

In the last few hundred years this has evolved, for the most part, into various nations under varying systems.

There are still some monarchies.  There are still some dictatorships.

But now there are also many democracies.  The democracy is only slightly different from the other flawed systems, in that the people in the nation are still slaves to the state and have to pay a large amount of their income against their will to the state, but now have the capability to have a small part in peaceably changing the flavor of the lead slaveholders (elected officials).

In some ways democracy has improved things dramatically over previous systems.  But in many ways it has also made things much worse.

Democracy is, like socialism, a system that sounds perfect.  Each man gets a vote.  Equality.  Fairness.  Transparency.

Yet, much like socialism, what we have found out during the last few centuries of experimentation, is that this system just doesn’t work in the real world.

Just as was discovered by the great communism experiment, we are finding out now that ANYTHING that is centrally planned does not work well.

If we were like worker bees, it could all probably work well, but we are not.  We are humans and we are more individual, much less selfless and way more driven by our own personal needs and wants than your average worker bee.

Therefore, having a system like democracy, where a group of people is ruled by one central government that is elected by votes, is doomed to failure.

All that ends up happening is that society’s most corrupt or most ignorant (or both) strive to become elected to government where they can either steal or bungle everything until it is virtually destroyed.

This week’s latest bungling in income trusts brought to light all the usual problems but unfortunately most people continue to reach for the same remedy.  It is said that someone who does the same thing over and over again but expects different results is insane.  I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that it is time we began to at least recognize the problem.

The government this week changed the rules on income trusts.  Whenever the government in a democracy does anything you only have to ask yourself one question.  Are they doing this to steal or are they doing this to pander (pandering is essentially taking something, by force, from someone to give it to someone else with the result of gaining votes through this immoral theft).  Those are the only two options.

While the Canadian government is exceptionally gifted at pandering (which is the heart of socialist democracy) the answer to this week’s question is “steal”.

Due to some unforeseen (by the government) consequences of some tax laws, many corporations had begun to switch their structures in order to pay less to the government.

This began to worry the government as they saw that if this were left unchallenged, they would be able to steal (tax) less money as time went on.

They currently believe that they were losing approximately $1 billion per year in lost theft (tax) due to this problem.  Being a centralized, bureaucratic system of government that is so out of touch with the needs of the people under its control, they then went and made a rash decision to change the rules, resulting in over $20 billion in immediate wealth lost, with spin-off losses such as foreign investor loss of confidence multiplying the total amount of eventual loss.

Typical of an archaic, centralized government, they spent at least $20 billion in order to gain $1 billion.

Yet, most of the people angered by this decision stated that they were going to “vote them out of office next election.”

This will not fix this, or any of the other problems in our system.  It does not matter if they call themselves Conservatives or Liberals, much as in the US there is virtually no real difference between Democrats and Republicans.

It is the system itself that does not work.

Man has evolved to the point now where we have the ability to manage all of our affairs without the need for any sort of centralized authority.

Thanks to years of social experimentation and also thanks to new technologies such as the internet, we have the information and tools now to shed these systems like a snake shedding its old, unneeded skin, and we can do it quite easily and possibly peaceably.

We do not need to all pool our money together (tax) under threat of force (jail/fines) and then elect a few people to tell us how to spend it, only doing just enough so that they can get re-elected.

We don’t need to have an armed gang, which is essentially all a government is, to force us to all follow a certain rulebook.

Government is the source, not the solution, to almost every major problem in the world today.  Many of us can’t see it, however, as we have been so engrained in this system, with all of its propaganda and state run “education” systems for so long that it is very difficult for many to envisage any other way of life.

Am I a proud Canadian?  No.  I am thankful and humbled to have had the opportunity to grow up in the geographic region of Canada, which has a plentitude of wonderful people who over the years have fought for many good freedoms and liberties and have, for the most part, been more open minded and accommodating as a whole than almost any other country in the world.

It is due to a lot of the hard work, sacrifices and passion of people before me that I have the luxury of criticizing our current system and stating my views on how we can improve it.

I also believe that Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has fairly educated, moderately free, self-introspective people that have the common sense and strength of character to push itself to the next level of human attainment and to be the first group of people to truly become free.

Don’t vote.  Don’t pay taxes.  Just ignore them.

If we all did that, the government would slowly just whither away and die leaving us to be the first people in a very, very long time that were completely free.

Without a centralized, forceful authority, this region known as Canada would become the first truly free market system in the modern world and would attract so much investment and top entrepreneurs and business that it would, almost overnight, become the richest and most successful place on earth.

It would truly be a renaissance unlike any other.

Or you can just keep switching your vote from “C” to “L” every five years like you’ve been doing.  Who knows, maybe one day that will work.

(for more information on how a truly free market, government-less system would work, please read the most important book ever written, “The Market For Liberty” by Morris and Linda Tannehill)