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Berwick's Blog

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3075 Reads | 109 Comments | 1 People call this a favourite

Insights, comments and information on the world of finance from StockHouse founder, Jeff Berwick, as he travels the world. Also now with StockHouse Road Trip (SHRT) Portfolio Updates, where Jeff tells you what he is buying and selling each week.

  • Break Change

    131 Reads | 1 Comment | November 13, 2006

    For personal reasons I will be taking a short break from this blog.  I will likely return in the next few weeks, possibly with a new more casual format.Best,Jeff

  • StockHouse Road Trip: Oh Canada - Income Trusts

    308 Reads | 39 Comments | November 3, 2006

    This week’s Halloween Massacre in the Canadian income trusts sector brought me some financial pain, along with millions of others, but more so it brings all of the problems with our current system right back to web-page one (does anyone actually read paper newspapers anymore?).As a basis to start a conversation, let me state that I have no love for the NATION (ie. government institution) of...

  • StockHouse Road Trip: The Fall of France

    127 Reads | 0 Comments | October 29, 2006

    If you were so unlucky as to receive all of your inputs on world news and events from only the American mainstream media, you would obviously be a bizarre, twisted creature so enveloped in fear, propaganda and misinformation you'd have trouble even finding your way to the next NASCAR race.You would also view France as being a meek, cowardly country full of wine and cheese eating French people...

  • StockHouse Road Trip:Ignoring the Ecuador Election

    160 Reads | 7 Comments | October 22, 2006

    I began traveling the world, and essentially being permanently homeless, for many reasons but one of the key reasons was education.I have never been the kind of person who can learn in a classroom.  Sitting on a hard wooden chair while someone read to me seemed imbecilic.  Not to mention, 9 times out of 10, that person reading to me is trying to 'teach' me because that was the...

  • StockHouse Road Trip: The Saving of El Salvador

    202 Reads | 1 Comment | October 15, 2006

    Having just paddled into El Salvador on my surfboard (see last week's blog for more info), I found myself to be a temporary celebrity and guest at the plush enclave of Barilla's Marina, a few hours drive from San Salvador.I spent my first day talking to the Navy and the press about my boating incident and found out that El Salvador's government and media are similar to others in the world...

  • StockHouse Road Trip: El Salvador Shipwreck Part 2

    161 Reads | 0 Comments | October 8, 2006

    <continued from StockHouse Road Trip: El Salvador Shipwreck Part 1>I began heading up the line of the breakers looking for that hole, but the storm kept gaining in strength to the point where I had very little control of the boat. The storm seemed to worsen to the point where the lightning and thunder felt, looked, and sounded, like it was right on top of us.  While I never...

  • StockHouse Road Trip: El Salvador Shipwreck Part 1

    131 Reads | 0 Comments | October 8, 2006

    (note: this week's blog has no financial or investment content and mainly describes a boating incident that occurred entering El Salvador.  Next week I will return to the usual format and will have a detailed report on El Salvador from a financial perspective)In June, 2005, having safely sailed past the dreaded Gulf of Tehuanepec in southern Mexico, we sailed on past Guatemala and into...

  • StockHouse Road Trip: The Philippines

    205 Reads | 8 Comments | October 1, 2006

    It was December 2005 and I had just arrived in Manila from Taipei for my first visit to the Philippines.The Philippines is a very unique country.  It was Spain's main colony in Asia and although it has been more than a hundred years since that country's involvement in this region, the Spanish have left their mark.This archipelago made up of 7,107 islands under control of the Philippine...

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