What can a person say about a crazy year that was 2011?  All I can say is same old same old.  The EU "crisis" just will not die.  Who got Lybia's and Greece's gold anyway??  With the Euro a threat to the US reserve currency status, one can;t help but wonder why the Euro zone is under such pressure. 

The US has pulled out of Iraq since now that there is enough infrastructure to rebuild major US corporations can go on to make their billions and report good earnings which will signify a US "turnaround" in it's economy....oh.....and control Iraq's oil biz now and into the future.

The expected results of the US retreat from Iraq was quickly apparent and Iraq will be back to square one faster than you can say Iran!!!  Note how Iran rhetoric heats up at the same time the US leaves Iraq....interesting how this timing has worked out isn't it?

Will the US fabricate a reason to invade Iran such as they have done with most all other "wars" and invasions they have lead?  Funny how Iran has alot of oil too.  Weapons of mass destruction?? a nuclear weapons program?? uhuh, sure.  Seems we have seen and heard this play before...but of course Americans will fall for it again sinc ethey are more concerned with Wives of Orange County or whatever that stupid *reality* show is.....and will become hated even more than they are now for their obvious greed, gluttony, and quest for world domination. 

What will China and Russia do if US invades Iran?  Will China simply call in all of the US debt and sink them financially, or will they take military action too?  Maybe a combination.  The US is so arrogant that they may think China will not do such a thing but if one opens their eyes, you can clearly see China has been implementing a plan for many years to become world superpower.  China can see and operate generations into the future.  The US can;t see past the next 1/4 or presidential election.  Big difference.


On to the markets.  I have been playing in this game for a long time and this was one tough year to read.  I also note I have never seen so many seasoned quality analysts/commentators confused and lacking conviction as well.  Where does one put their money these days?  There is even a clear dividend bubble forming since people as so starved for income. 

So while governments try to entice and force everyone to spend spend spend while killing off every single saver that exists on the planet, it backfires into another bubble that will eventually pop and crash the markets yet again. 

I am still in the junior sector, nothing excites me in anything else.  There are many good juniors that have been obliterated yet again.  The junior sector will improve, it always does, its just a matter of when.  Will it be 2012? 2013?.....??  

 So while I question daily what is happening, where we are going, and what to do about it, I am sticking to my guns on my trading.  If I lose, well I guess I was wrong.  but this play has happened before several times and a new bubble/bull always runs at some point.  The question is what will be the driver/catalyst behind it.  So many are predicting the end of the world......again!!! usually when it is this prevalent it usually means a turnaround is not far off.  Will it be March of 2012?  repeat of 2009?  possibly.

I was wrong on markets hitting new highs in 2011...I still think it will happen, just not sure on timelines.  I dont buy the theory that markets will crash again like 08/09....far too many eyes on the ball this time, unlike last time.  Far too many central banks working in together to enslave the popluations for life, so I just can;t see a crash of magnitude.  Corrections, yes.  We have just had it.  Crash? no.

Anyway, happy fuggin new year.!!!!!!!!!! LOL