Here's the product: a stock (more correctly a unit) that is highly liquid; pays 8-10%+ annual paid monthly, part of which is "return of capital" that reduces your cost basis and ups your yield; yield increases when share price goes down; is backed by real assets; has previously weathered several other major bear markets; offers Dividend ReInvestment Programs (DRIPs) at a 3-4% discount to share price; has been making massive acquisitions while managing debt with locked in LOW interest rates; all or most holdings in Canada, recently touted as the most business friendly jurisdiction in the world.     Note: AX and REI have a small percentage of their portfolios in the US. I have some concerns about that, but the price was good. Share prices are currently knocked down and very attractive. These four REITs are my personal favourites. I currently hold WRK and Dundee - the US exposure scared me out of Riocan and Artis in the spring, but I have since considered buying back. The Riocan model seems to be solid in hard times, and Artis has such a small percent of their portfolio down there that they should be OK.  Potential risks for the sector are: rising interest rates (unlikely for the next few years); major downturn of the Canadian economy (ditto).      These holdings let me sleep at night, and I'm looking to buy more units!