2011 will be a sideways market overall, with lots of volatility. Every little crisis around the world will impact activity. Europe isn't fixed yet, and might be on the road to recovery by year end - or not. Canada benefits by rising commodities prices and a stable, if not growing economy. Growth will be slow though, without some breakthrough that is not apparent at this time. The US leaps and plummets. They have to fix their debt/deficit nightmare (they wont), and address the huge frauds in their financial system (they might start). South America starts to take off, lots of opportunities there. India and China are huge, but struggling with internal legal, economic, and social issues. Russia quietly starts booming, but has unresolved political problems. North Korea plays brinksman games to gain concessions (and does), which causes stress to Japan and S. Korea - and those invested therein. Africa and the Middle East are what they are, and nothing will change significantly in the next year. Africa is showing some signs of becoming less volatile, but half the countries there could be up in arms against each other, or themselves, at any moment. REITs and commodities rule the markets on the upside in Canada.Check back in December 2011 to see how I did!