NOTE: I tried to add Silvermex T.SLX to the above list, but it acts like it doesn't exist. It does, I own some. The mumbling around the edges of the boards about silver price manipulation and the worthless nature of fiat currencies has become increasingly louder and is coming from more and more sources. Gold and silver began a major bull run long before Egypt, Tunisia, or Libya blew up. It has been a long bull, and seems to be heating up. Silver has outperformed gold, rising faster due to its consumable uses in industry and its lower price, which makes it more accessible. It is also easier to spend on food and other necessaries, IF the dire predictions of fiat currency collapse do occur. Silver coins frequently are out of stock, temporarily, at bullion dealers. Those dealers are reporting volume sales unlike anything they have seen before for a sustained period. Small investors are turning away from silver ETFs and other paper instruments that may, or may not represent physical silver. Now, small investors don't wield the clout of the big players normally, but - there are a lot of them and they are starting to have a significant impact. Add in the spectre of an inflation cycle starting for industrialised countries globally, and the proverbial s**t may well hit the fan in many major economies. Looking at sectors I want to invest in, given the above, I have made a move into Canadian silver miners. Specifically those with proven resources and producing, or soon to be producing mines. There are several more companies than those listed above, and I hope I haven't annoyed too many people by not including their particular darling. If you ARE annoyed, then make a pitch for your fave in a reply here, so we can all do our own DD and maybe pick some up!
Note as of 12/04/2011:
The shortage of bullion seems to be getting worse as new investors buy in and old timers pack the vaults. fewer products are available at dealer websites, some showing "out of stock" and others just deleting listings. The cheaper items are going first, suggesting retail investors.