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Baer's Bull

4 stars

14103 Reads | 28 Comments | 3 People call this a favourite

Starting off a new year with something new! I've decided to post here various observations on international trends, market influences, and economic issues that affect - or may affect - my holdings. I'm not a pumper or a basher. I'm not a day trader or a market professional. the only money I make is on my holdings. My portfolio is public, but I do not necessarily hold all of the stocks at any time. They are watch lists that allow me to follow the issues and choose what I invest real cash in. I am mainly focused on Canadian stocks here. I have US interests on the Motley Fool under "Kreeble", if you want to look at what I'm doing over there. I'm not very active in US stocks at this time due to the uncertainty and risk rampant there. I'll post on that later. So, I'll call 'em like I see 'em. I could, occasionally, be wrong, or overlooking something. That's the point of this exercise. Many heads are better than one, most definitely when it comes to making money in the markets.

  • NBG Eurobank merger

    341 Reads | 0 Comments | October 5, 2012

      NBG is offering 58 new shares for every 100 shares of Eurobank. Once the share exchange is completed, NBG shareholders will own 75 percent of the combined entity, with Eurobank shareholders owning the rest. At current prices, NBG's market capitalization is 3.2 times that of Eurobank. Eurobank, advised by Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs International, said in a news release...

  • OK, I can't help myself...

    269 Reads | 0 Comments | September 14, 2012

    National Bank of Greece ADRs on the NYSE are my only US holding, mainly because that's the easiest place to get shares. NBG has risen from 1.70 to 2.60 in the last 2 weeks. It is the oldest and largest financial entity based in Greece. The CEO stated in Q2 reports that the bank would not need any further capitalisation or bailouts in any form going forward. Half of its income, possibly...

  • SH doesn't allow me to add recommended stocks

    89 Reads | 0 Comments | August 1, 2012

    I don't see much point in continuing this blog since Stockhouse won't allow me to Add my recommendations. Perhaps it is because I use an IMac rather than a PC? Anyway, it no longer seems worthwhile creating content when their own functions don't work.Tried under both Safari and Firefox. SH hasn't been the same since the new format. Too bad they had to fix something that wasn...

  • Israel to bomb Iran's oil industry and ports? I want some Canadian oil stocks!

    86 Reads | 1 Comment | March 14, 2012

    Article in the Globe today:  OK, so this guy is biased. Probably has an agenda, as well. What if he's right? I'm thinking I wouldn't mind having some good solid Canadian, dividend producing oil stocks right now. My areas of expertise, such as they are, are REITs and silver miners. I used to...

  • Platinum up over gold! Only one will survive........

    61 Reads | 0 Comments | March 14, 2012

    Digesting the mainstream news today, a couple of items jumped out at me. Platinum has finally popped back over gold, where it should be. Now, Zimplats just had to give up 51% control to the Zimbabweans on it's mining operations there. South Africa is talking "inigenisation" of mining operations there. With the move in PLATs price over the last couple of days, I'm thinking...

  • The power of Certainty

    2459 Reads | 2 Comments | February 8, 2012

    About a year and a half ago, I looked hard at the National Bank of Greece (NYSE ADR: NBG and NBG1A). I did as much DD as possible given the language difference. I saw the largest and oldest bank in Greece beaten down to fire sale prices. I saw that dividends had been suspended. I saw that some 50% of their revenue was coming from operations outside of Greece. I saw opportunities for takeovers...

  • 2011 predictions revisited

    2536 Reads | 3 Comments | January 8, 2012

    So, here we are in 2012! I made some predictions at the beginning of last year, and it's time to see how well I called it. Here is the original, with my current notes: 2011 will be a sideways market overall, with lots of volatility. Every little crisis around the world will impact activity. Yeh, pretty much. I think we basically ended up where we started.  Europe isn't fixed yet...


    2489 Reads | 3 Comments | October 6, 2011

    It's a conundrum: fully invested with minimal cash; the markets take an irrational dive; share prices ridiculously cheap; can't sell anything to raise cash because of the previous point. This has been a major failure in my market plan for some time. I repeatedly tell myself: "Self, you must keep some powder dry for these situations!" Invariably, I end up fully invested with minimal cash when...