“Stocks that would do well with Mitt Romney in the White House have been outperforming recently, but longer term they lag the sectors that would fare better if President Barack Obama wins re-election.”

Romney’s stocks are coal, specialty retail, managed care and telecommunications services while the Democrat’s favour stocks like healthcare services, homebuilding and food and staples retailing.

“After the first debate, Romney, Wall Street’s preferred candidate, edged ahead in the polls and now the race is neck and neck.”

Obama and Romney portfolios created by CNBC show that the Obama portfolio is up 20 percent year-to-date but it is flat and is up just 0.1 percent since the first debate. The biggest loser on the Obama list is Vanguard Health.

However Romney’s portfolio is up 1.25 percent following the first debate, but the portfolio is up just 1 percent for the year. The best performing stock on Romney’s list is James River Coal.

“With Super Storm Sandy dominating the news, Obama has been seen to have gained some momentum but the polls remain tight.”

To Read Full Article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/49699381

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