Dear Alphastox Subscribers and Stockhouse Community,

As the year winds down, we wanted to show you how our picks have done over the last 6 months. We started Alphastox in July 2012 with the hopes of exposing investors with great opportunities in the small-cap space. As many of you know, 2012 has been a very tough year for the juniors. Junior mining and oil and gas have been hit hard, and grass-root exploration plays have been getting little or no recognition in the market even when achieving good results. This is where we believe the opportunity lies. Just like in 2008, this past year presented many opportunities that if taken advantage of, have the potential to reap massive returns next year. We believe in investing in good management, with strong fundamentals and balance sheets; this mentality has allowed us to be successful even in these treacherous markets.

We wanted to make sure that all our subscribers were aware of our winners and losers. Sometimes we pick the right ones, sometimes the market goes against us, but overall, in the end, we believe in the success of our team. Here is a summary of our picks for the last 6 months:


Date of Article

Price at Article

Highest Price After Article

Percentage Gain/Loss

Today’s Price (December 28th, 2012)

Percentage Gain/Loss

Canaco Resources (CAN.V)

July 17th, 2012






Online Energy (ONL.V)

July 27th, 2012




Buy Out at


Goldquest Mining (GQC.V)

July 20th, 2012






Madalena Ventures (MVN.V)

July 26th, 2012






iCo Therapeutics (ICO.V)

December 12th, 2012






TomaGold (LOT.V)

October 12th, 2012






Canamex Resources (CSQ.V)

September 25th, 2012






Our biggest winner of the year was Online Energy, up 130% and our biggest loser for the end of the year was Goldquest Mining (GQC.V), down 37%. We truly believe in the power of our research, colleagues and industry contacts and we hope to continue to bring you even better returns next year in 2013!

We wish you all the best in 2013 and hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Best Regards,