These people will befriend you.   At first, they will make posts that seem very credible.  They will often be in contact with the company and will twist the story around and even go as far as cooking up an incredible sounding rumor to push their stock.   Their rumor may or may not make its way onto a public forum.  instead, it will float via word of mouth through private messages and private forums.  There are many message boards throughout cyberspace these people will frequent to push their stock.  

They will use multiple usernames to promote their story....making it seem like there are dozens of people jumping on board when it is far less than that.  They will push reasons as to why the stock is tanking is never the reason that it is a pump and dump.   It is always profit taking, big boys playing games, the planets coming out of alignment, president Bush running out of T.P so they have to print off more 1 dollar bills, or because "Who wants to be a millionaire" was cancelled so people are off buying the DVD sets instead of sitting at their computers buying this precious stock.

In the midst of the pumping, they sell and will usually not tell you of course.....pushing it all the way to the grave while the newbies and less-knowing fall victim to another fine pump and dump production on the TSX-Vegas exchange.  When the stock is finally at a dismal low, they will come clean and pat themselves on the back for selling right near the top, and walking away.  If the story was so great to begin with, why aren't they really loading the boat at the low?  It would make most sense, wouldn't it?   Fact of the matter is they have already made their profit off of your back....the bird is already cooked, wishbone snapped, and ol' yeller is already chewing the bones.  Expect your piece of the pie on the front lawn the next morning being scooped into a plastic bag.

Even if you don't fall for these forum scammers, often the management of junior companies are just as bad.  Sometimes management are the worst sleazeball cheerleaders of the pack.  It's all part of the game.  Learn it, and learn how to exploit it.

Keep those enemies close to you, for you can usually pick up enough pieces to put the real story together.  They usually gloat enough about their amazing heist that they will leak out just enough info to get the real truth.

Always take everything you hear with a grain of salt.  Nobody cares about your money more than YOU do.  Now take the role of the butcher, sharpen your knives, and sneak up on those hogs for the kill.

Cheers / safe trading.