What'd'ya say we stock up on gunpowder, raise the jolly rogers, and hunt down these scammers and make 'em all walk the plank?  yaarrrr

Geez, take a year or so off from this board and I come back to see the same ugly faces still playing their games.   Are they your friends?  Are they people who you trust for the inside tip?  Isn't it great how they give you the latest scoop on what's going on with a company based on their latest phone call that supposedly happened with management? LOL......oh, but they must be trustworthy since the blind sheep on Stockhouse have given them such a good rating. LOL, LOL, LOL

It's all crap.  Big, steaming crap people.  Open your eyes.  Trade with YOUR mind, not theirs.   Its the only way to survive this game and to stay on top.  Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about certainly will in a year or so. 

Now, I will sit back and watch the newbies get roasted....and the dummies get roasted their second, third, fourth, fifth time around.   You've gotta keep your head screwed on straight or get slaughtered.  The scammers certainly have their head screwed on with their fancy blogs and befriending posts. LOL.

Lastly, stay disconnected from this website.  Conversations with like-minded individuals are great......the odd tip might be somewhat helpful for a pump and dump...other than that you really have to watch it.  I take a year off from stockhouse only to find 65 messages in my inbox that are all "HUGE TIPS".....some of these pump and dump scams are being orchestrated by some of the highest ranked members on this website.   Pardon my french but every one of them blow the pooch and looking through the list none of them worked out for more than a couple days tops.  Some of them didn't even work out the second the email was sent around.  There are hidden agendas everywhere.....just please keep on your toes.

Even if one person gets the idea of this post and learns to think for himself/herself rather than be roasted by a scammer I will consider my job done.  Cheers / Safe Trading