Hang on folks, if you are in the base metals area, more specific Copper, I  predict we are about to witness another round of OPECish like manipulation of the Copper markets that will bring "long" traders to their knees and cry "Mommie"...in the months ahead,inventories of Copper creep higher, and Copper will break down below $3.00 USD$/lb.,perhaps much lower if the credit markets continue to be burdened by unknowing/bearish sentiment, and lack of fund flows.

Yes, the savior of Gold, and more so Silver, and the keys to Uranium and Rare earths,will slowly crush LONGS in the Copper market as China increases the supply of Copper to the markets,while doing so,(modern Asia) will strategically acquire what they desire from Oil to Golds to the next hot commodity they already control.

Golden tidbits, the June 1st, 2012 turn... http://www.kitco.com/reports/kitcoNewsMarketNuggets20120601.html

here are charts on Copper... http://www.kitcometals.com/charts/copper_historical.html

Check Nickel charts longer term, or any other base metal longer term they now all show very poor commodity prices for producers' .... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-30/nickel-slump-seen-ending-as-china-faces-ore-import-curbs.html

CRB index correcting hard ... http://quotes.ino.com/chart/index.html?s=NYBOT_CR&t=&a=&w=&v=dmax

Canadian Oil experiencing troubles getting to the refineries,spells much lower pricing...IMO this is a must read for anyone holding or looking at Oilsands and/or Bakken assets...http://www.stockhouse.com/news/columnistsdetail.aspx?aliaspath=/Columnists/2012/Jun/22/Oil-price-differentials--Caught-between-sands-and-

Oil and many commodities continue to weaken as European troubles reign uncertainty,with the hope and unknown of a white knight/pilageaging cousin of modern Asia,(the hand that feeds, is also the the one that takes as the buying field has thinned substantially in some cases) is all the while on a strategic quest to tie up assets longer term.  The G7 for the most part has emptied the coffers and now deals with pension troubles,rising debt, and elevating health care costs, then add in rising unemployment, and we truely have a troubling combination short or longer term.  To further discourage the situation are the capital markets and their credability as the news/the latest shortcomings,(Facebook) of the markets is about to unravel.

Stay liquid if possible, as I believe this gets worse, before it gets better...take what the market(s) give you within a spread,(bid to ask), and play the shorter moves,trying to keep your cash moving...and when you make a decent profit,if necessary... walk away, or step back, many opportunities are ahead...play to your own personal strengths and knowledge.

Please do your own DD, and/or seek financial advice, the above are "my trading thoughts only".

GLTA within the commodity arena,