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"A Canary in the Coal Mine"

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3889 Reads | 66 Comments | 9 People call this a favourite

I've been saying for a few weeks now, watch Copper, and the its LME' inventories. Almost everyday for months now the LME inventory level for Copper has been rising,but the price for Copper has also been climbing. Read the headlines...Freeport McMoran,Brazilian and Mexican copper producers' all experiencing labor troubles. Yes the perfect storm one would think to reverse the trend of rising Copper inventories,but so far this is not the case. What is missing?...YES I see the arguement that so called "shovel-ready projects" are just starting to take hold worldwide,but will we even come close to the the precollapse construction levels,Dubai,the Tarsands,the U.S. housing market,etc.? Copper,will it be the card that starts the correction in base metals, and possibly commodities, and the World's stock exchanges? guess is Yes! Hamilton has a CU piece below,with charts... GLTA,Magnum

  • China, the OPEC of Copper

    376 Reads | 1 Comment | May 23, 2012

    Hang on folks, if you are in the base metals area, more specific Copper, I  predict we are about to witness another round of OPECish like manipulation of the Copper markets that will bring "long" traders to their knees and cry "Mommie" the months ahead,inventories of Copper creep higher, and Copper will break down below $3.00 USD$/lb.,perhaps much lower if the...

  • CRB index falling off a cliff

    462 Reads | 0 Comments | May 13, 2012   CRB index has taken a pounding lately as Oil has tanked about $10.00 USD$/Barrel on the WTI contract over the past 20 days or so...   Matt Badali on Oil...

  • Commodity SPECULATORS being PURGED...

    180 Reads | 4 Comments | June 20, 2011

    China attempting to purge speculators in the commodity trading area... Funds reducing commodity positions... Here is one of the more useful sites for...

  • Australia 2011

    307 Reads | 0 Comments | January 13, 2011

    Cyclone Yasi... production... for the Commonwealth to send aid to our friends Down under...hopefully Canada is one of the countries that "insists on sending aid" of all forms,clean water technology,air support,health people...whatever is...

  • Canada's Oil Sands in 2011

    147 Reads | 1 Comment | December 19, 2010

    Canada is once again about to feel the financial benefits of the Oil Sands,(Billions in capital for maintenance, and infustructure)great wages, lower unemployment, taxes/royalty payments and the spread of wealth/income across our great nation.  Yes Canada's Oil Sands employs tradespeople from coast to coast,some part time and others fulltime...the offshoots of direct employment in the Oil Sands...

  • Xploiting TFSA(s)...Update

    219 Reads | 6 Comments | December 11, 2010

    Well another calendar year has almost passed,but IMO the next two weeks can set up much of 2011's gains and tax sheltering startegies...via  taxloss buying and, (selling if necessary), also planning how we may use unused and new space within our TFSA account. Below I discuss the basics/practical information,from my perspective,but within the framework of the TFSA rules. ...

  • T.COS,perhaps a taxloss bottomfish

    132 Reads | 2 Comments | December 4, 2010

    Canadian Oil Sands Trust, and the soon to be Canadian Oil Sands stock...Here is the latest corporate update: Friday was a very rough ride for T.COS.UN.  The key IMO to the above announcement/forthcoming conversion to a stock is the reduction anticipated in...

  • Dividend$

    153 Reads | 5 Comments | July 4, 2010

    As with most of my blogs,please use the information as a starting point to aid your DD and inform yourself through education...please seek professional advice.Disclosure: At present I hold none of the equities below,but may in the future.Below I will try to present a few options across several industries for those seeking ideas to ride out the present market downturn via dividend/distribution...

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