VendTek, Roshan sign e-Fresh licence agreement

2012-06-25 17:16 AT - News Release


Mr. Doug Buchanan reports


VendTek Systems Inc. has signed an e-Fresh licence agreement with Roshan (Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd.), Afghanistan's leading communications provider and the network of choice for over six million Afghans.

VendTek and Roshan have been conducting a successful trial of the e-Fresh system for several months and expect the full rollout later this year. The companies aim to increase the use of electronic top-up through self-service terminals and at points of sales, eventually replacing the scratch card top-up method that is currently predominant in Afghanistan. The e-Fresh system will provide a secure and reliable electronic distribution system serving Roshan's six million mobile customers.

"The e-Fresh system will provide tremendous benefits to Roshan customers and distributors. Roshan services will be delivered safely and securely to customers through our reliable and scalable platform," said Doug Buchanan, president and chief executive officer of VendTek. "We are excited about this opportunity as e-Fresh is ideally suited to this market and we know the Afghan consumer will benefit greatly."

The partnership with VendTek builds on Roshan's innovative approach in Afghanistan. Through wide-scale, countrywide implementation of e-Fresh, Roshan will modernize industry top-up practices while continuing to lead in the provision of best-in-class technologies to meet the communications needs of Afghans.

"We are pleased to partner with VendTek, who share Roshan's commitment to providing Afghans with relevant solutions delivered on the highest standards of quality and service," said Karim Khoja, chief executive offer, Roshan. "Roshan is the first mobile operator to introduce electronic top-up in Afghanistan," said Mr. Khoja.