TOP  PICK  2012  CANACOL  ENERGY  (CNE)  a Profitable Producer of OIL  ....oil going to new highs in 2012  sure  thing  already brent $110 in weak economy,  well as thing get better and Iran acts up   Oil $200 per barrel could be fact.    My Friends it is with Great Blessings, I wish you luck in 2012.   Top Pick Canacol Energy with up to 10,000,000,000 barrels in reserves on there lands in Colombia, CNE is already Profitable, and growing Oil Production. My Friends it is my Top Pick in 2012, as it will be more and more analysts with 5 Upgrades in the past few weeks.  14 HIGH  Impact oil wells drilling, any one of them  $$$$  company maker. There Capella Oil Field, has 2 Billion Barrel Reserves alone.   Great Blessing to my friends in 2012    SHIBBIR