Read my recent article indicating "good bets" for Monday, based on insider transactions and positive technicals.

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So far I've turned $11,600 into a portfolio worth close to $50,000 and I show you exactly how I did it.

In addition to these 4 picks, the article on my website has 9 more lower priced "riskier" picks for your perusal.
  • (MCB) McCoy - Recent insider buying by at least 2 insiders this company even pays dividends apparently.
  • (RTK) Artek Exploration - I think this was first mentioned in the February 28 article "Western Potash Getting Ready for $1.80?" (that hasn`t happened yet by the way) when it opened at $2.44. First mentioned as a "good bet" on March 18 when it opened at $2.40 and has been a "good bet" a few times since then. It`s spend most of this time in the $2.30 but surging 8% on Friday this one might be making a move. 
  • (HNL) Horizon North Logistics - Last featured in the March 11 article "One Good Bet" when it opened at $4.26. Closed Friday at $4.75 - an 11.5% increase in 2 weeks. This stock has been climbing steadily from $1.50 since last July.
  • (OEX) Orleans Energy - Insider buying by a number of insiders but under a company stock purchase plan. Not sure if this can be considered as good as buying "in the public market."