The world faces a possible financial melt down, much tanks to the biggest dick contest in the US. A political disaster that damages the whole world.
With a gdp to dept ratio of 100%, makes the country comparable with countrys such as Zimbabwe and Italy.

Italy wich could be the next eurozone country to face bankrubcy, along with spain. In these countrys it's not as much a political disaster like in the US, but rather a effect of the lifestyle of the people.
In these countrys the mentality is "We don't live to work, we work the live". Wich sound good, but in real life this means: Not much tax, retire in at the age of 55 and such things.

Other countrys tha could fall, if spain and/or italy goes bad is Cyprus and Ireland.

So, how does this affect our stocks? Well, there is gonna be a bumpy ride this fall. The stocks is going to lose some of it's value, but it's just under a short period of time.
Before winter we will have green numbers in our portfolios again, I'm sure.

The biggest concerd we have to face is probably buy outs. With Africa Oil for example. We have about C$118 millions in cash and a market cap of about C$250 millions. On top of that, we have a large numbers of very valuable licenses in eastern Africa. Worth a lot more then the C$ 132 million difference between market cap and cash.

This makes the possible buy out of a larger company a real threat.

In a buy out, we won't make our $ on these companys....

Same thing aplies to Shamaran Petroleum as well. Small market cap, large amount of cash and very valuable licenses.

If we can avoid buy outs, we most definitly are going to get rich on these to companys. no doubt in my mind.
I'm keeping my shares until it all goes down the drain, or we all get our pice of the $$$.

Hell, I'm even buying more, now when they are on sale!